Simple science lessons paired with fun and engaging crafts.


Associating learning with being immersed in the creative experience.


Easy to build kits that provide education through inventive play.


Exploring the world of science, technology, engineering, and math through crafting.

Hello World:


Hello World:


Hello World:


Perfect For Groups

Host a Jewelbots event with your class, Girl Scout group, Birthday party, or just some fun with friends. Complete with curriculum that is easy to use and simple to understand. 

"Yesterday my daughter gave her first tech lightning talk on @jewelbots.
She's not a tech geek but Jewelbots gave her the desire to code."

by Glenn Block, Proud Dad

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Zorica Kostova is a Macedonian female software engineer who is working at a fully remote position in an American software company. In her interview with Jewelbots she speaks about inspiration, what's kept her going, remote work and more
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Cassidy Williams is currently the Head of Developer Experience and Education at Remote! In the past, she has worked at companies such as Netlify, React Training, CodePen, Amazon, L4 Digital, Clarifai, Venmo, etc. 

She is passionate about startup advising and angel investing. She also loves teaching and helping people become better coders but also playing music, building mechanical keyboards and LEGO sets. 

Read on her interview below where she shares a bit more about her career path, the changes in her professional goals and the way she maintains a healthy work-and-life balance.