Upload a Sketch

A sketch is the code your Arduino IDE that you will upload to your Jewelbots! It's similar to creating a new document.

1. Hit the "New" button for a blank Arduino Sketch.

2. Go to the Tools menu again, scroll over "Board:" and click on Jewelbots Boards called Solo Coding Board (or JWB nRF51822, depending on the version of firmware that you have).

It will most likely appear at the bottom of the menu of Boards.

3. Go to the Tools menu and select the correct port for the Jewelbot. It is easiest if the Jewelbot is the only USB device plugged into the computer.

a. Windows: Select the correct COM XX port
b. Mac: Select the correct /dev/cu.usberial-XXXXXX
c. Linux: Select the correct /dev/ttyUSBX.

Type in code that you want to upload to your Jewelbot!

To find out how to code your Jewelbot, check out Coding > Sample Code in the left side menu of this Getting Started page! You can also visit the Jewelbots forums for coding examples!

4. Press and hold the Magic Button for 2 seconds while your Jewelbot is plugged in to put your Jewelbot into Upload Mode.

Note that the charging light (red or green) will turn off. Also, remember it's 2 full seconds (1 mississippi...)

5. Now you've created and uploaded a sketch!


When selecting the port, the "Port" option is grey and unclickable. What do I do?

Some suggestions to solve this would be:

I tried all the ports, but none of them work!

Some suggestions to solve this would be:

My jewelbot won’t light up at all or go into upload mode. I’ve tried unplugging it and plugging it back in and it doesn’t seem to be working.

Try resetting your Jewelbot! To do this you can lift up the charm and use a pin to hit the tiny button on the side. Then attempt to upload code again.

If none of these solutions seem to help, then email us at