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Jewelbots Zine

$ 6.00
Jewelbots Zine

Jewelbots Zine

$ 69.00 saving $ 63.00 per Jewelbot

The monthly Jewelbots Zine is the perfect way to satisfy both your science and girl-power content needs all in one!

Filled with fun artwork and colors, the Jewelbots Zine incorporates bite-size intros to STEM topics, features female role models, and presents inspiring teen girls. The best part is that the Jewelbots Zine is monthly, so there's always something new to read!

A zine is like a mini-magazine. Each Jewelbot Zine comes with a specific STEM theme every month that unifies the whole thing together in addition with girl-empowerment aspects.

The physical copy is a booklet that is 5x8 inches. It shipped from the New York office before the end of each month. 

The digital copy of the zine is a pdf which you can view on a tablet or laptop. You can print out a copy of the pdf for personal use only. 

Note that this is a monthly subscription, so you will be billed monthly. You can make a one-time purchase or can cancel the subscription at anytime.