Jewelbots Zine

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The Jewelbots Zine is the perfect way to satisfy both your science and girl-power content needs all in one!

Filled with fun artwork and colors, the Jewelbots Zine incorporates bite-size intros to STEM topics, features female role models, and presents inspiring young girls. The best part is that there is a Jewelbots Zine for a variety of STEM topics, so there's always something new to read!

A zine is like a mini-magazine. Each Jewelbot Zine comes with a specific STEM theme that unifies the whole thing together in addition with girl-empowerment aspects.

The physical copy is a booklet that is 5x8 inches. It’s shipped from our New York office.


3D Printing

3D printing isn’t limited to just printing equipment. It can be used for fashion, food, or more! Get a taste about what 3D printing is and how it works with this Jewelbots Zine!
Featuring exclusive interviews with Jordan Reeves, 12 year-old glitter cannon superhero, and Jules Spector, blogger of TeenFeminist!
    Page Count: 44

    Game Programming

    You don’t need a degree to start creating virtual worlds! Discover game development and be inspired to create through Minecraft Mods with this Jewelbots Zine.
    Featuring exclusive interview with Platonic Games, creators of popular mobile app Happy Hop and others!
      Page Count: 31