Simple science lessons paired with fun and engaging crafts.


Associating learning with being immersed in the creative experience.


Easy to build kits that provide education through inventive play.


Exploring the world of science, technology, engineering, and math through crafting.

Hello World:


Hello World:


Hello World:


Perfect For Groups

Host a Jewelbots event with your class, Girl Scout group, Birthday party, or just some fun with friends. Complete with curriculum that is easy to use and simple to understand. 

"Yesterday my daughter gave her first tech lightning talk on @jewelbots.
She's not a tech geek but Jewelbots gave her the desire to code."

by Glenn Block, Proud Dad

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While we are meditating on this quote, let’s check out another one. This one comes from the infamous Albert Einstein. He has noted, “Curiosity is more important than knowledge.” Maybe in today’s educational system curiosity isn’t the thing that is mostly developed. Schools and, to a certain degree, even colleges later may focus on memorizing facts that have been pre-laid-out in the latest textbook. But shouldn’t we strive for our children to develop their curious minds? Shouldn’t we encourage them to be curious about the nature of things? Isn’t it better if they can reach conclusions on their own and connect the dots to see the bigger picture?
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