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* Final colors and specs may vary slightly.

What's Included

Every bracelet will ship with 2x color bands, 2x Jewelbots charms and a charging cable:


32.5 x 32.5 x 14mm


16mm wide and 230mm long

Sensors & Components
  • Vibration motor
  • 4x LEDs, 16.7m colors
  • Bluetooth 4.1
Batteries & Power
  • Battery life: up to 1-2 days
  • Battery type: Lithium-polymer
  • Charge time: 3-4 hours
Environmental Requirements
  • Operating temperature: 14° to 113° F
  • Nylon Band
  • Plastic Casing

The Jewelbot nylon band can be washed by hand. The charms should be wiped with a wet cloth. The cases should only be wiped with a dry cloth.

Water Resistance

Jewelbots are splash resistant. Do not bath, shower or swim with your Jewelbot on.

Syncing & Bluetooth

Jewelbots sync wirelessly to tablets, iOS and Android smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0+ wireless technology.

  • Syncing range: 20 feet
  • Syncing to desktop computers requires a USB connection
  • Syncing to mobile devices require Bluetooth 4.0+
  • Syncs with iPhone 4S and later, iPad 3 gen. and later, and leading Android devices
  • For Mac and Windows, we allow you to add code to your Jewelbot

Spark Their Creativity

Jewelbots are the first of its kind, an open source wearable device where kids dictate the functionality.

  • Connect with Friends

    Out of the box kids can connect with up to 8 different friends and give them a friendship color. If a friend is nearby the Jewelbot will glow in their color and friends can send secret messages to each other.

  • 100% Safe For Kids

    We are making a product for kids, and their safety is our number one priority. Jewelbots don’t contain a GPS and we don’t store any personal data of any kind.

  • Online Community

    Our Online Community provides a safe environment in case kids get stuck. They can get help, share what they have done, and find inspiring code to try for themselves while engaging with their friends.

  • Coding through Arduino

    Using the Arduino development environment users can build their own functionality for their Jewelbots. Making them as unique as they are!

  • Self Motivated Learning

    Jewelbots bring Computer Science education to the next level. Learning how to code with Jewelbots feels like playing with friends. Kids can test their skills with step by step coding challenges and get instant gratification.

  • Open Source

    For the curious tinkerer, Jewelbots offer the perfect platform to explore what is possible with wearable technology. Using the Arduino IDE, kids can literally make the bracelets do whatever they dream up.

Out of the Box Features

More than just pretty Jewelry

  • Detect Nearby Friends

    Kids can connect their Jewelbots with each other as a symbol of their friendship. Unlike a traditional friendship bracelet, Jewelbots will glow with and give a short vibration to show when a friend is close by. If all kids of a friend group are together, their Jewelbots will go into "Rainbow party mode". Getting together with friends has never been more fun.

  • Send Secret Messages

    Kids love their secret messages. Jewelbots allow kids to come up with their own set of codes on the fly. Kids can then send a buzz or light message to a buddy across the room or to their complete friend group. Using the free Jewelbots App kids can come up with even more ways to communicate.

  • Match Your Style

    Jewelbots come with replaceable charms and bands. Kids can match their style, express their mood and have Jewelbots look different every day. Each Jewelbot comes with two charms and three different bands. We offer additional styles and colors so there is a Jewelbot for everyone.

No Phone or Computer required for all out of the box features!

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How it works

1. Become friends

Rahima, Jewel and Kiara are best friends. With the push of a button they connect their Jewelbots:

2. Interact and send secret messages

Their paired Jewelbots light up when they are close by. They then can send each other secret messages.

3. Give their devices superpowers through coding

Using a desktop or a laptop users can code and personalize their devices, the only limit is their imagination!

  • Create Their Own Code

    Jewelbots are the perfect tool to introduce kids 7-14 to the principles of programming. Jewelbots are perfect for beginners and our open source Arduino IDE offers a full fledged coding experience for pros. Jewelbots use Arduino - a language also taught in many school's educational programs.

  • No Prior Experience Needed

    Even without prior exposure to code, or help from a parent, kids can learn how to write their own software for their Jewelbots. Our step-by-step tutorials and online courses take kids by the hand, resulting in a quick sense of achievement and motivational boost.

  • Online Community And Tutorials

    Want to share what you have done? Get inspired and see what's possible with Jewelbots? Our Online Community offers easy step-by-step tutorials, sample code and articles for kids and parents alike. It's a safe, judgement free environment, and the perfect place to meet new friends and engage with likeminded coders.

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