About Us

Jewelbots are friendship bracelets for the iPhone era. Technology-enabled jewelry for tween and teen girls, they’re a means of communicating with friends by lighting up when a BFF is near or buzzing to send messages to a pal across the school.

In addition to offering girls a wearable-tech social tool made just for them, the open-source software exposes users to the possibilities of coding in a fun and fresh way. Using basic engineering logic, girls can program their Jewelbots to do just about anything they—and their besties-turned-collaborators—dream up, opening their minds to STEM during an age when many lose interest.

The vision of Sara Chipps, co-founder of the national non-profit Girl Develop It!, and fashion-tech entrepreneur Brooke Moreland, the Jewelbots brand fuses fashion, technology, and friendship. It’s a device that harnesses the creativity and exuberance of young women to teach them a critical new language that will serve them for years to come.

Sara Chipps

Co Founder & CEO

In 2014, inspired by her own teenage tinkering, JavaScript developer Sara Chipps set out to create Jewelbots with cofounder Brooke Moreland to expose the next generation of women to the possibilities of technology. Her ambition as CEO—aside from creating killer, programmable jewelry that thrills 9 to 14-year-olds: to dramatically increase the number of girls entering STEM fields. A force in the open-source community since 2001, Sara was formerly the CTO of Flatiron School, which is dedicated to preparing people of all ages for computer-science careers, and in 2010, she co-founded Girl Develop It!, a national non-profit that has taught over 17,000 women how to build software.

Brooke Moreland

Co Founder and COO

A powerhouse fashion-tech entrepreneur, Brooke Moreland joined forces with Sara Chipps in 2014 to create Jewelbots, a design-minded wearable tech brand that helps teenage girls connect with one another—and with technology. Previously, she founded a style-focused photo-sharing app, Fashism, that launched in 2009 and was backed by Ashton Kutcher and Project Runway’s Nina Garcia. She went on to become the general manager of Fashion GPS, the software platform that powers New York Fashion Week and events for the world’s top luxury brands including Chanel, Gucci, and Dior.

Scott Davison, PhD

VP, Hardware Engineering

Scott Davison was always interested in making things. He started with Legos, Construx, model rockets, and derby cars and continued with upgrading his car, building computers, and home brewing. Now Scott relishes the opportunity to work on making Jewelbots and seeing all the great things our users can come up to make with them.

Scott is a mechanical engineer by training, but has work experience encompassing many different fields, including chemistry, material science, quality assurance, and engineering. His career began by manufacturing consumer goods at Procter & Gamble. He then completed a PhD in mechanical engineering by investigating how nanowires behave when moving in microfluidic channels. He modeled the forces the fluid motion exerts on the nanowires, then designed and conducted experiments to verify the model. Most recently Scott was a senior staff member at Sandia National Labs where he developed and ran multiphysics simulations on supercomputers as well as built and delivered sensor pods with low power embedded electronics. Scott is really excited about the chance to utilize his experiences and deliver a new communication platform for the next generation.

Quymbee Chen

Community Manager

Quymbee Chen is a senior attending the Bronx High School of Science, a specialized school where admission is based on competitive examination. Inspired by the rapid advancements in technology, she has gained an interest in computer programming during her sophomore year. Being in love with the idea of creating something with her own hands and mind, Quymbee has been actively working to expand her experience, either by taking classes, working on personal projects, or teaching friends how to code too. Quymbee enjoys spending time with her friends, whether it's at hackathons, through video games, or while shopping.

Maria Paula Saba

Co Founder and Advisor

Maria is a designer and creative technologist born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and based in New York City. She has a master's degree from the New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program where she focused on developing electronic jewelry and was later a Research Resident Fellow. Previously, she worked as interaction designer and prototyper at Ydreams, Siemens and Intel Labs.

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