Is it hard to get your daughter excited about the world of science and technology?

Do you get annoyed that even "gender neutral" STEM educational products can be very masculine?

Our History

After building careers in technology, Sara Chipps, Brooke Moreland, and Maria Paula Saba set out to find ways to inspire young girls to love STEM and learning as much as they did as children. After talking to hundreds of kids and parents about the things that bring them joy, Jewelbots was born.

how we grow

Created in 2014, and based in Brooklyn, our original product was a smart friendship bracelet. A desire for experiences over toys brought about Jewelbits Science Kits. Tens of thousands of girls in over thirty countries have become coders, chemists, and creators through Jewelbots.

Our goal

Our goal is, and always will be, to ignite the curiousity and drive that comes with being a builder. Consuming technology is ubiqiotous with today's generation, however, true influence lies in being builders and creators of technology. Together we can eliminate the fear and stigma that can come with being young and science forward.

Grow. Build. Learn. Repeat.