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coding with friends

Jewelbots are the first and only social coding toy. We believe the best way for kids to learn new skills is by working together. Our curriculum makes it easy to guide students into making their own discoveries, building confidence and of course learning to code.
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Jewelbots are a communication tool that allows kids to communicate with each other in new and delightful ways. No one ever said coding had to be a solitary experience!
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Jewelbots allows the user to see and touch with their hands what they have coded on the computer, highlighting the power of code in everyday applications
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Easy to Learn

Jewelbots use the Arduino IDE for programming, which means that kids will actually be coding using a real programming language (C++) no drag and drop here!
graphic of inclusion.


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β€œOn day 1, my students can wear out their coded product after only a 45 minute class, can work on it at home more if they wish, and then will return to class the next day to master the next introductory-level coding principles.”

Deanna Soukup, Teacher