A workshop with Code/Art, plus a portrait contest!

In December we had the great opportunity to host an online workshop with Code/Art, a non-profit whose mission is "to increase the number of girls – particularly underrepresented minority girls – studying computer science " Our goal was to introduce coding to kids in a way that was accessible and fun. 

image of zoom hangout for online coding for kids workshop

We met on a Saturday afternoon and everyone brought their Hello, World: Electronics kits to make a codable art at home. Using Arduino, conductive thread, and sew-able LEDs, we decorated tee shirts, teddy bears, pillows, felt, and other things we had at home with light up LEDs. 

student building her science kit

We sewed on our LEDs, and upload code from our computers to make them flash. We had so much fun we're going to do it again soon. 

Code/Art has a very special contest they are hosting this month. It's a portrait contest. For more info on guidelines, theme, and deadline visit- https://code-art.com/codeyourself/

Kid's coding contest details

In order to submit, each girl must register by creating an account on our hub- https://hub.code-art.com
The submission form and 30-minute tutorial video can be found on their dashboard where it says "Click Here to Submit to National Self-Portrait Contest"
The final round voting and announcement of winners will happen during our live virtual conference, Code/Art Fest on March 20, 2021 (which consists of tech-themed workshops, keynotes, and a virtual STEAM Expo for girls and educators).