Coming Soon - New Products from Jewelbots!

One thing we’ve always made a priority at Jewelbots is listening to our users — and that includes their parents. Jewelbots, the smart friendship bracelet, has been a toy girls and educators love.

Something that we’ve learned, through our community of over 35,000 and countless in-person events (they could be counted, we’ve just lost track) is that girls are brilliant, and when they find something that sparks their interest, they will learn whatever it takes to make it their own.

Have you ever noticed that when girls tinker and build things it’s called “crafts”? Something I’ve heard a lot about our target demographic is that they love DIY. When we dug into it, the things they are doing are quite complicated.

After taking these data points, and doing some deeper market research, we landed on a direction for our next products: science themed DIY projects. Giving our users the tools they need to build something custom, and including lessons explaining the science around what they are doing.

These projects have been affectionately titled Jewelbits: Science Kits, and just as we have done with our smart friendship bracelets we’ve prepared a long time for user testing and feedback.

The first box we’ve designed allows the user to make their own battery powered Neon Sign to display in their room, their locker, or where ever they’d like. We chose this craft as it was one of our post popular Jewelbits videos. It includes all the elements they need for their sign, including the box; which serves as the housing.

We worked to source quality components, put together a consumable science lesson on Neon and how it works, and create a package that was fun to open and nice to look at. Each box contains different bright colors of El Wire, glue, batteries, battery packs, pencils, stickers, instructions, and a guide on Neon — how it works, and how El Wire is made.

We started doing some testing over the past month by sending out boxes to some of our power users and some volunteers online. The theme of this box is “NEON” and contains all the components needed to make a neon sign!

Our first users made some really beautiful stuff.

thanks to the Gaines family for sharing their experience

We are super impressed by all the cool signs that came out of our first group.

Everyone involved showed how creative they could be with the tools we gave them.

We received valuable feedback that will help us improve the components. Everyone loved the craft, however, the type of tape we included looked really cute and fun but broke easily.

Additionally, we didn’t specify in the instructions that users should work to make a large image, and some people were confused once they got past the drawing step and were trying to work to make the el wire conform to small drawings and letters.

This whole process has been super fun, and we’re excited to be making more. We will be sending out another round of test boxes with a few improvements for feedback before we release an small alpha group for sale. The target price for these boxes will be under $30.


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