Haunted Hacks with Jewelbots!

Happy Halloween Jewelbotters!!

We’ve had a fantastic October and wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to and show off some really cool haunted hacks from fellow Jewelbots community members.

emoji ghost cookies

On Friday the 13th, Jewelbots hosted “Take Your Daughter to Haunted Hack” at Slack HQ in San Francisco. It was amazing! We had dads and moms and kids working together to program their Jewelbots.

 Most of the kids had never programmed before, and one of these all stars was only 7 years old! We were impressed to say the least. Also, the team at Slack really outdid themselves with these emoji cookies (pictured above).


For those of you familiar with coding Jewelbots, you may have noticed that there is no orange color that comes by default with coding for Jewelbots. We were thrilled when Jewelbots user clara discovered how to program orange for her mod! Clara took it upon herself to comb through the Jewelbots firmware and figure out how to make her LEDs orange. Did we mention she is 12? #Impressed. Wanna code your Jewelbot to flash orange too, check out the code here.

unicorn pumpkin jewelbots
We never cease to be amazed at what are community is building, and sometimes, these hacks are not of the coding variety. Jewelbots user and ambassador tacochada created a unicorn pumpkin with Jewelbots eyes!!!! Let’s just say we are more than a little obsessed. And for those of you who are interested, she posts a nifty little tutorial on her blog.