Tour Stop 2: Jewelbots at CppCon

At CppCon I had the feeling that I haven't had in a long time, this was a community that I knew little about (the C++ community), but have so much to learn from. It was super enriching and I'm still processing a lot of the things I learned and the people that I have met. So great. 

This #JewelbotsBuild is the biggest one we have held yet. We had about 50 folks in our build room. I was a bit nervous, as these were some legit C++ gurus who had brought their children to learn a language they loved. 

My worries seemed to be baseless as we were quickly deep in coding our Jewelbots and making our game (I did get some heckles when we made a global variable, possibly deserved). 

some swag

This was a really fast learning class, lots of kids, many different ages. We rapidly got through the curriculum, and had some awesome games on our Jewelbots at the end of the session. It was an amazing time to build with the folks in Seattle. 

Sumi and Eleanor

The best part for me, personally, however, was meeting Eleanor and seeing Sumi. Eleanor and Sumi are two of our biggest power users. They both spoke at the conference, to a room full of adults, and did an incredible job. They were also super helpful to other young coders in the room as we were building. 

Thanks so much to CppCon and all the folks in Seattle for all your support! We really loved our time with you. Hope to see you again soon!