Making With Ellie: Ellie speaks at Node+JS Interactive

Before the days of COVID, I took a trip to Montreal with Ellie to speak about coding like a girl at Node+JS Interactive presented by the OpenJS Foundation. My favorite part of this trip was being with Ellie as she experienced snow for the first time (Ellie lives in southern California). Ellie building STEM electronics kit

STEM Electronics on Stage

The Open JS foundation is all about healthy growth in the JavaScript ecosystem. The Node+JS Interactive featured speakers from all over the world who came to talk about coding. 

For her talk, Ellie walked through the process of building our Hello, World: Electronics kit. She made an adorable light up badge with her STEM focused kit. She also talked about her experience learning to code, and some great role models for young girls. 

Behind the Code

Watch her talk to learn more. Also, Ellie and I were interviewed about our experience after the conference. Check out that video below. 


Ellie and Sara get interviewed