Take your daughter to hack is back! #JewelbotsBuild

TLDR; we're having a bunch of super fun events sign up here

THE most fun thing about my job is how often I get to talk to brilliant young ladies who are building awesome things with code. I still pick up every support call, and there is nothing I like more than when it's a 12 year old at their computer trying to solve a problem (or their parent sitting next to them). 

It brings me back to the days of tying up my parent's phone line hanging out on BBSs and trying to figure out how the inside of my machine worked. I would have loved to be able to call an adult to ask for help. 

 (I'm not running a tip line, please don't call me with your coding problems, GROWN UPS.)

I'd like to tell you that we were influenced by this study or this study and this study about how pair programming is a total game changer when it comes to girls learning how to code. About how it leads to better retention in computer science programs, and a better view on technology in general. About how girls empower each other by just being around each other. 

I'd like to say learning that is what lead us to kick of the Jewelbots world tour and bring Take Your Daughter to hack coast to coast. However, it's really because WE LOVE BEING IN THE ROOM WHEN IT HAPPENS. It's great being around tiny inventors and teaching them more about coding.

This workshop is ideal for kids who think coding sounds dumb and hard and you are up to 70% embarrassing. If you have reached 100% embarrassing (everything you do is just the worst what did I do to deserve you as a parent) it may be too late. 

It's also perfect for kids who think coding is rad, but to be frank, that's preaching to the choir (the best choir in the world). 

We are partnering with amazing companies(again) and some really great conferences to bring these events to you. We'll be at CppCon, Slack, TechBash, Stack Exchange, and YOW Connected (thanks to all our sponsors)

The cities we are headed to are Melbourne, Bellevue WA, Pocono Manor PA, San Francisco CA, and New York, NY. Further details including links to tickets(limited!) below.  

The format this time is going to be a 2 hour workshop in which we learn to code a game together. There will be crafts, there will be face-painting, there will be swag, there are snacks, we're really going to bring it. 


If you have a Jewelbot, bring it. If you don't we'll have plenty there for you to borrow. You can give it back after or buy it on your way out. Kids as young as 6 are welcome, we have seen middle school aged kids do best (if you're not from the US it means they haven't yet taken their O.W.L.S.).

Okay, GO HERE for all the links and signups.