Tour Stop 3: Techbash in the Poconos!


One thing I've started to appreciate about these events is meeting the family/friends of the organizers. I have known some of the Techbash organizers for quite a few years and meeting their families was a privilege. 

Apparently there is a monster water park in the middle of the Poconos. I was able to get there via public transport from NYC, which was super convenient. The rest of the team met me there on Friday for our workshop. 

I was floored that kids would rather be learning to code Jewelbots than playing at the indoor waterpark. There were kids there that have had Jewelbots since the beginning (Kickstarter backers) and new fans. 

For the first time we experimented with making goofy names for functions and variables. That was super fun and we are going to continue to do it. Why AREN'T more variables named unicorn and functions called Julie? (I mean, I know, it's because of maintainability but sketches on Arduino are short and don't need to be maintained by a team. We can go nuts. 


Thanks to all the organizers of Techbash for having us, we loved meeting your families and hanging with your super smart kids. Looking forward to next year and arriving early so I can waterpark.