How did our classic Wearables Kit become a Jewelbits Science Kit?


STEM education family crafting

When we first started building Jewelbots, just after our Kickstarter, we found we had a super engaged network of supporters and didn't have anything to send them as our friendship bracelets were still in development. Designing and manufacturing hardware takes a long time. We decided to start selling a kit that contained an Arduino and enabled kids to program light-up LEDs and sew them on shirts, dresses, and dolls. 


STEM education kit

The Jewelbots Wearables kit was a big hit. We hosted several events where creators could make their own inventions, and saw light up stuffed animals, a beautiful starry night sweatshirt, and even an animated light-up dollhouse. 

girl holding up STEM education craft project

After we launched the Jewelbots friendship bracelet, we decided to sunset the Wearables kit. The friendship bracelet was taking all of our focus, so, we stopped selling the wearables kit on our website. 

Since then a lot has happened. When we started shipping Jewelbits Science Kits, after shipping out some boxes we knew we needed to bring back the Wearables Kit. Our Jewelbots Wearables kits were such a hit, we knew we had a great electronics themed addition to the group to get out into the world. 

Hello World, Electronics kit

We hope that with the new and improved instructions, videos online, and easy to use materials our ambassadors will be able to build even more amazing things with our new Hello World: Electronics kit. 

Girl working on STEM educational craft

If you're looking for some inspiration, start here:

Here is an amazing dress made with care and our stem education focused kit.



We also loved seeing this hat you can't miss in the dark



and this clever way to  to learn you have a new email made at a maker event in Columbus.



You can check out our new kit here. If you're looking for suggestions while building, or you run into any other questions feel free to send an email to or register and ask in our community