Meet a fully remote female software engineer at Xogito! An interview with #CodingIcon Zorica Kostova about inspiration, what's kept her going, remote work and more

Imagine meeting a nice person who does not know you or your name. How would you describe yourself with one sentence only? Who are you?

My name is Zorica and I’m a software engineer who loves challenges.


What is your current position at work?
I’m a software engineer, included in all phases of the software development life cycle.


Have you had any role models or mentors to help you along the way?
Of course! My family is the best inspiration. They have inspired me with their strength, positive and hard working attitude. But, I've met a lot of amazing people like teachers, friends, colleagues, who I admire and that have also influenced my personal and professional development.

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What was your professional dream as a child? What did you want to become when you grow up?
Detective :) That was my dream from reading books and watching movies. 


How old were you when you learned to code? How did you learn?
First time I started learning was when I was in high school.


What is your favorite part about coding?
The satisfaction of solving a problem. Another amazing part is the constant learning of new things. That part never ends.

 Zorica Kostova softwaree engineer interview quote

What is the most difficult part of being a female in technology?
Once people see what you are capable of, there aren't any special challenges. But, maybe back in the days, there was a general percepcion that this is a "boys'" profession.


You are a female coder working remotely in Eastern Europe. What is the easiest and the most difficult part about that?
As a remote worker you are free to work from anywhere and that is really convenient. However, working with team members in various time zones can be difficult, especially if your working hours do not have much of an overlap.


You got 3 minutes with your 13-year-old self. What do you say?
Be yourself and follow your passion. Learn as much as you can about your interests. What people think of you has little importance. But what you think of yourself is important. And don’t compete with anyone but yourself.


Any last pieces of advice you would like to share with our audience? Is there anything you have wanted us to ask you but we didn’t?
Pursue the profession that makes you happy and fulfilled. And don't forget, everything is possible, if you put enough time and energy into it. Don't be afraid to try and don't give up!