Even the friendship bracelet is entering the 21st-century, as Jewelbots allow you match your friends and send secret messages!! 

Jewelbots patent pending bluetooth connection takes friendship to the next level lighting up your special friendship color when you're with your friends! No phone required. 

Through the power of STEM you can give your Jewelbots SUPERPOWERS by coding them.  You can make your bracelet flash rainbows when all your friends are together, program your school colors, or even make a game! 

Buy a multi pack for deep discounts! Multi packs are shipped with individual packages of Jewelbots for great gifts! 

  • Connect with friends - out of the box kids can connect with up to 8 different friends and give them a friendship color. If a friend is nearby the jewelbot will glow in their color and friends can send secret messages to each other.
  • Online community - our online community provides a safe environment for kids to share what they have built, learn from each other, and get quick support. 
  • Self motivated learning - Jewelbots bring computer science education to the next level. Learning how to code with jewelbots feels like playing with friends. Kids can test their skills with step by step coding challenges and get instant gratification.
  • Open source coding - Jewelbots allow you to communicate via secret messages and customize features through programming! Using the Arduino development environment users can build their own functionality for their Jewelbots. Making them as unique as they are! 

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