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What ages are Jewelbots made for?

We have seen folks as young as six love Jewelbots and as old as sixty-three love playing with and coding Jewelbots. Jewelbots are made with pre-teens in mind.

How do they work?

Jewelbots use Bluetooth to detect when your friends are nearby and allow you to send other Jewelbots secret messages. Jewelbots have a micro-USB port that allows you to upload special code to them. You write the code on your computer!

What does the rainbow animation lights mean?

The rainbow animation lights happen to show when your Jewelbot sis turning on. Half a rainbow animation with a fading out effect happens to show your Jewelbot is turning off.

How should I clean my Jewelbot?

Take the charm and band off of the Jewelbot hardware piece. Soak the band and charm in some warm water and dish soap, then scrub it gently with a soft brush or towel.

Is my Jewelbot waterproof?

Jewelbot devices are water resistant, but not waterproof. This means that it can handle being spilt on or splashed on, but should not be completely submerged in water.

For example, Jewelbots can be okay in the rain, but it is suggested that it be avoided or dried after. On the other hand, the Jewelbot device should not be worn in the shower or pool. Water damage is not covered under warranty.

Where are the Jewelbots for boys?

Although our device is aimed towards girls, our charm and band combinations are not targeted towards a specific gender. Boys are welcome to enjoy and wear the existing designs!

How do I turn off my Jewelbot?

Press the magic button for 5 seconds then let go. You should see a rainbow animation of lights that fade out.

Are Jewelbots fun if you only have one?

Yes! You can code your Jewelbots in solo-mode. They are definitely more fun with two, however.

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