Making Hello, World: Lava with Ellie!

Ellie is a Jewelbits Ambassador and avid STEM star. She's a coder, a creator, a public speaker, and a great mom to some amazing guinea pigs. 

With her trusty video camera, Ellie put together a HOW TO video on how to create friendship bracelets from the Lava beads in our Hello, World: LAVA kit. Stay tuned for the next episode where she will teach how to add the neon tassels to your bracelets. 


STEP 1: Open the box! Take out your supplies. 

 Open the box

STEP 2: Wrap the cord around your wrist to measure the length needed. 

Wrap the string around your wrist.

STEP 3: Measure two extra inches and cut the string.

Measure two extra inches and cut the string.

STEP 4: Thread your beads on the string. You can combine beads made from real lava, and letters to spell your name or anything you like! 

Thread beads on the string.

STEP 5: Make a few bracelets at a time, if you want! 

Thread different beads on the string.


 STEP 6: Tie the cord and cut off the extra string. 

Tie and cut off the extra string.

STEP 7: Wear your bracelet! Make more for your friends! 

finished bracelet.


You can watch Ellie's full video here. Stay tuned for more Making with Ellie!